A collection of videos, flyers & portfolios of various exhibtions.

Exhibitions portfolio of varoius shows over the years I have either been involved in or hosted. Updates coming soon.


212 Productions LTD Presents ( I am CEO of this company ): 212 Productions are showcasing their clients’ artworks in the Downstairs Gallery in the new Cafe Bar & Gallery...Alchemy198 located on the famous Gloucester Road! The Private View & Artists Party occurs on 6th December 6pm-9pm and the exhibition is open to the public from the 6th Dec - 3rd Jan 2018

Featuring artists : Jim Starr, Brook Tate, Sophie Bass, Cheba, Julian Quaye, Martin Thompson, Neil Roberts, Martin Turner, Emma Caton, Inkie, Sheridan Lunt, Jemal Gugunava, Andrew Burns Colwill, Rowdy, J.West, Mark Hayward, Thomas Dowdeswell, Yolande Henebery, Zoe Thomas, Lloyd Lewis, Stephen Quick


Tit for Tat Exhibition (2014)

The ‘Tit for Tat’ exhibition provides an insight into how the art of tattooing has perfused all levels and classes of modern society. Just as the graffiti covering our buildings reflect the dreams, fears and frustrations of our cultures, so too do the tattoos covering our skin. We live in an era where the inner realities of mankind have bled through the skin and adorn the human temples, reflecting the style of the eternal soul or inner self. This exhibition also examines the metamorphosis of this art form and celebrates the "Tattoo Renaissance", a period marked by technological, artistic and social change.
This phenomenon is apparent on the hand-crafted bodies of the Curious Boudoir Dolls by Zoe Thomas, beautifully adorned with tattooed decoration, and in paintings by Chris Guest of tattoo-clad rock chicks lit like paintings by the Dutch Masters. James Cooper reminds us of the ‘Old School’ style of tattooing with his flashy dapper signs providing humour under the needle. Neil Roberts paints a decaying Marilyn Monroe adorning the slender arm of an iconic lady, while the photography of Anthony John Byrne is in the spirit of ‘Sin City’. An LED-lit stencilled piece with luminous tribal by street artist Lemak renders a new level in this genre. These are but a few of the featured artists who will be showing their highly collectable works in this exhibition.
Creation Custom Tattoo will be making an appearance to bedeck the gallery in tattoo tradition. Featured artist and tattooist Michael Piper will be covering the back a brave soul with a marvellous full colour, realism piece while Matt Kaye, owner of Creation Custom, will be demonstrating his well-honed skills attained over many years, specialising in Oriental and Black and White works.
And last but not least... in the spirit of Mrs. M. Stevens Wagner, one of the earliest Tattooed Ladies who performed in the circus sideshows as a "freak" in 1907, join the vivacious Sophia Disgrace on an abstract journey through sideshow and tasteful striptease revealing tattooed splendour and then watch her unleash a wanton hell of frenzied desire - not an act for the fainthearted! The live sound track to her show will be provided by the band Benign Plausibility.
Grotesquely beautiful, extremely colourful; the show aims to persuade the viewer to see life through the eye of a needle.


Arcanum Exhibition (2013)

This was a solo exhibition by artist Neil Thomas Roberts showcasing a series of oil paintings and Limited edition Giclée prints of the Major Arcana and the progression of the Minor Arcana from his “Tarot of the Living”. “The Tarot of the Living” is a progressive work I have been working on for some years now. This project depicts friends & personages that encompass the attributes of the Tarot, a pictorial divinatory system. This gloriously laborious process has taken me on many wonderfully significant & strange encounters.

Another happening at Its All 2 Much Gallery entitled " Arcanum - Temperance Movement " Showcasing Neil Roberts Tarot of the Living paintings....Tarot Readings with Rebecca Horton...Intuitive soundscapes with Esoteric Heptagonal Trio & Celestial movements with Miss Gaia Sprite....AlL aRe WeLLcOme!

@It's All 2 Much Gallery in Bristol

Stimuli Exhibition 2011 Le Garage : "Vices & Verses..."

Stimuli Productions Art Exhibition. 15 July 2011 115 Dulwich Rd Herne Hill With Live performance of The Brett Mclaughlan Blues Band.

A collection of flyers from the various exhibitions/shows over the years.